It’s not just about rescuing a dog. It’s about giving a wonderful animal and a deserving person a very special Happy Ever After!  



Great people make Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of AZ one of the finest 501(c)(3) rescues  in the state. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to the dogs, that’s another matter.  Talent, dedication, follow-through, and supporting each other make us a great rescue team. If these things sound like you, please join us! You’re needed.

Running a rescue is like running any other small business–only with a d0zen dogs on top. Though the dog side is better known, there’s also a business side with all the usual business demands.  Our volunteer wish list follows. Being a foster is always our Number One need. Currently, we also need talented help with fund raising, event coordination, animal care and rehabilitation, and general office administration. If you can help, please contact us. Be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number so that we can get back to you!


Why volunteer with Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of AZ? Here are three great reasons:

1. We’re the first and oldest 501(c)(3) Doberman rescue in Arizona, and we take a lot of pride in what we do. So will you. We ask for an application, a meet-up, a liability waiver, and your signature on our Code of Behavior.

2. Working with Rescue will be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done. There’s nothing like seeing the eyes of a terrified Doberman soften and glow with gratitude when she sees that she’s safe.  There’s nothing like watching a Forever match take shape when you know it wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for you. Besides, it looks great on your résumé.

3. What you do and where and how much is entirely up to you. Some things can be done by telecommuting. Some things can be done in a couple of hours. Some are Phoenix-only. Others are needed statewide. If your interests and skills match anything you see, please contact us. We need you.

PS: We have a lot of fun around here.

Here are some volunteer needs:

Animal Behaviorists Evaluate  and help us address occasional temperament and  behavior issues.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Help track  income and expenses in Quicken format each  month; generate quarterly financial reports.

Administration Help with everything from spreadsheets and forms to filing and thank-you notes. A backbone of rescue.

Dog Buddies Walk, play with, and socialize a rescue in foster  care.

Drivers Give dogs rides from shelters and surrendering owners to vets and foster and forever homes.

Event and Party People Plan, staff,  and coordinate 3-5 special fundraising/dog placement events annually.

Foster Caregivers Provide short, medium, or long-term housing for a needy Dobey. Crate and assistance always available.

Fund Raisers Guide and inspire us as you design and implement targeted fund raising campaigns; fund raise for dogs with special needs.

Grant Writers Brainstorm, research,and write successful grant applications.

Interviewers Conduct pre-placement phone interviews with prospective adopters

IT professionals Keep our computers and networks running. A bedrock of rescue.

Kennel  aides Help with grooming, scoop poop, clean crates, clean floors and carpets; do laundry, check and organize supplies, pick up supplies. The foundation of rescue.

Placement assistants Use our procedures and help us qualify prospective adopters; conduct phone interviews; do home visits; check references; track the treatment and contracts processes; handle dog meet-n-greets; oversee placements; do follow-up visits.

Photographers/videographers Take irresistible shots of dogs and create videos and still photos to help them find wonderful homes.

PR/Publicists/Marketers Help us and our major supporters get statewide publicity, and help us “market” our dogs for timely adoption.

Shopkeepers Research new profitable items for sale online,  maintain the online store, and fulfill orders.

Trainers Teach dogs  basic obedience and assist with correcting bad habits.

Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiters Recruit and retain volunteers for priority needs. Plan, schedule, and host fun and rewarding training events.

Vet Liaisons Contact and visit vets in your area to ask for their support (we’ll show you how).

Vet Techs Administer vaccines, implant micro-chips, provide routine nursing care when a need arises . Student techs welcome

Website Support Troubleshoot the main site; fix problems; work with other volunteers to update copy and photos, update our Facebook page, website, and adoptables lists.

Writers/proofreaders/copyeditors Research/write short pieces for website; marketing and advertising pieces; legislative comments; freelance magazine articles; stories and promotional copy for individual rescues. Proof our materials and websites. If we like your work, you’ll get your own page and byline.

Got another idea? Contact us, and be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address so that we can get back to you!