Giving Tuesday (November 29, 2016) was a success! Watch for Giving Tuesday announcements in fall of 2017.
Along with 45,000 other organizations across 71 countries, we celebrate #GivingTuesday which aptly follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our goal this year is to raise $5,000 to support our senior and special needs fund. Donate now via the link to the right, or mail your donation to PO Box 97425 Phoenix, AZ 85060.

Read on for a small sampling of the dobermans we’ve been able to help with this fund.


    The impetus behind this special fund, Howie was pulled from county for a humane euthanasia, but sprung back to life and lived an incredible year in our care.


    A stray in Tucson with a fractured femur, severe swelling, dislocated hip and emaciated, Daniel was rescued, and underwent expensive surgery to amputate his leg. After extensive rehabilitation in foster care, Daniel was adopted by a holistic veterinarian in Chicago. On adoption day, our volunteer dropped off Daniel at a swanky OKC hotel where he stayed with his new mom, enjoying room service (BACON!) before they headed home to their happily ever after.



    In 2015, on Thanksgiving Day, a man in his thirties passed away, leaving behind his beloved senior doberman. Partially blind, and covered in lipomas (some the size of soccer balls), Ronin received major TLC in his foster home. In this case, Ronin’s “grandparents” stayed in touch with our fosters. Eventually, Ronin was adopted by a couple who also had lost their own son in his thirties. The connection of Ronin brought these two mourning families together, and they found healing through Ronin’s love and beautiful energy. Friends of Ronin’s original dad visit him in his foster home as well, traveling from places like New York to see their old friend.



    When a life-long doberman rescuer passed away, leaving behind her 9 year old senior doberman, her good friend brought him to us. Gravely mistreated before she rescued him, Bug was a bit of a scaredy-cat. While it took him a while to begin eating again and relax in our care, Bug found comfort in sleeping in bed with his foster (a no-no). One of our favorite senior adopters brought Bug into her home, and he now enjoys adventures on the “ranch” with his two dober-sisters and horse siblings.



    After a debilitating car accident, Ella’s former owner purchased her and trained her as a service animal. She provided service for many years, until her former owner was well enough to do without her. At that time, Ella began to be left in a crate for 10-16 hours each day and she deteriorated. When Ella came to us as a senior, we found that she couldn’t stand to be away from her foster mom. After some loving care, Ella (and her “stuffy babies”) was adopted by a wonderful new mom who wanted a velcro girl.



    Dumped on the street, DHDR partnered with AHS to rescue Sterling. After amputating his large growth, and conducting months of testing, we sadly found that Sterling’s body was filled with cancer. This incredibly sweet boy was able to spend his last months in a calm, comfy and loving home. The day of his passing, Sterling was surrounded by more love than he had ever known and his ashes forever remain with his foster family.



    Trey was rescued as a stray in Yuma, with no context as to why he had a newly amputated leg. With an infection at the incision and swelling in the remaining hind leg, Trey went through rehabilitation in DHDR’s care before he was adopted by loving parents and joined his new doggie brothers, a kitty sister, and some snakes!


    Called by a kind neighbor, we were alerted to a mistreated Doberman who had just given birth. Mama’s recovery was long and complex, but she now has the most loving parents, and all her puppies are in wonderful homes.