Though shelter dogs and foundlings are our first priority, part of our mission is to assist owners who must give up their purebred Dobermans.

In our experience, these are the top reasons why people consider giving up their dogs of any breed (not necessarily in order):

1. Lack of needed training
2. Little or no research before getting a dog or puppy
3. New baby
. Accident involving a child
Dog/dog or dog/cat aggression
6. Family financial hardship, eviction, home loss
7. Insurance discrimination

Often, we can tell that only the lack of training has brought you to this place. If your problem is barking, digging, accidents in the house, inability to control your dog, aggression on or off leash, the chances are very good that a short training course is all you need.

If you didn’t do your homework before getting a Doberman adult or puppy, you may have found out the hard way that you were unprepared. If this is the case, the sooner you can place your dog or puppy with someone who really is Doberman-savvy, the better of you’ll all be–especially the Doberman. We are glad to help when our resources permit us to.

Sometimes, an incident with a child or another animal has caused concern. An accident with a child or conflict between animals do not necessarily mean you have to surrender your dog. An honest, careful look at why the accident happened can provide sound clues for preventing its happening again. Our trainer will assess the situation, evaluate your dog(s), and recommend next steps. Though some dogs won’t qualify for remedial work, many will, and there are excellent ways to rehabilitate dogs with fear or resource guarding issues. Our successes are pretty remarkable.

More frequently, the economy–job loss, foreclosure, eviction–are the culprits, or vet care costs that you just cannot afford. When you contact us, we will discuss your situation with you as frankly as possible. If we can, we will help you find a solution that works best for you and your dog.

We know that giving up a dog is a bitter, painful experience. We definitely want to help you avoid it, if possible.  We start with the expectation that you are willing to do anything you can to keep your Dobie. If we think training is the issue, we will ask our trainer/behaviorist for an evaluation. She will work out a program tailored for you, keeping costs to a minimum. (We are not paid for this referral and we do not benefit finally from it.) If you can, we urge you to follow it.  We think our success stories will impress you.

Occasionally people run into problems finding an insurance company that will insure a home with a resident Doberman. This is breed insurance discrimination.  Since no data support this policy, we believe it is based on old WWII stories and Hollywood fiction–on dog actors like Zeus and Apollo, “the lads” in the popular Magnum PI series. After all, even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the  American Veterinary Medical Association tell us that no data support banning Doberman Pinschers. Insurance discrimination is simple consumer exploitation. Disreputable as it is, it does exist, especially for apartment and condo association dwellers. Fortunately, many insurance agents in Arizona will insure Dobies. If this is your issue, we will try to help you keep your dog.  If all else fails and our resources permit, we will accept him or her.

Sadly, personal financial distress is the hardest problem to solve. We know it can happen despite your best efforts, and that it can be very hard to fix.  If you really are at the end of your rope financially, and when our resources permit, we will accept your dog and find him or her a wonderful forever home.

Of course, what can work and what will work often depend more on you than on your dog. If you’ve exhausted your patience and are unwilling to keep your dog, we may still be able to assist you. In these cases, we want to keep your dog off the pages of Craigslist and out of the shelter as much as you do. Whether we can depends on your willingness to work with us.


Why Use Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of Arizona?

Did you know that Dobermans are stolen for use a bait dogs in dog fighting? DHDR has several years’ experience evaluating potential adopters. You don’t. Our entire placement process, adapted from several veteran Doberman rescue organizations across the country, is designed to protect our dogs. Our emphasis is their safety and security. That’s what we do.

Please see Our Approach for details.