Rico is a petite, yet stunning, six year-old Doberboy. He is housebroken, rides well in the car, knows basic obedience, enjoys having his nails trimmed, and loooooves nature walks. We also believe he would enjoy fun things like Lure Coursing. With the correct introduction, he prefers the presence of other large dogs over being alone. No cats or small animals. Loyal, loving, calm, and also protective, Rico is the apple of his foster parents’ eye. While he loves toys, his greatest motivator is human touch and love. Rico is looking for a very special adopter, as he has extreme separation anxiety. Faced with long hours of crating in the past, Rico did damage to property and himself. Once when left outside for a while, he ate the siding of the house, jumped the fence, and ran…to the front of the house, where he sat at the front door, waiting to be let back in. With an owner home most of the day, very minimal crating, and patience, Rico has proven to be on his best behavior. Eager to please and learn, he needs a Doberman-experienced owner who wants their very own shadow, and is committed to ongoing positive and soft training. See more photos of Rico.