Dog Laws in the News

We care about dog laws because we care about dogs. Good or bad, dog laws affect you. A flood of laws over the last 10 years ignorantly targets specific “bully” breeds, including Doberman Pinschers, and imposes harsh measures to control dog populations—measures that have been shown repeatedly to backfire.

We care because we care about Dobies, and we think you should care, too.

Study Says Banned Breeds No More Aggressive Than Others

Recent Arizona Legislation


Paws down, the single most important news involving Dobermans concerns breed-specific legislation and related measures like mandatory spay/neuter laws and home-owner insurance discrimination

Did I hear you say, “Wait just a dang minute!”  You didn’t know your right to own a dog is being undermined, did you. 

 It’s not enough to know. If you expect to have the dog ownership rights and freedoms your parents had, you’re going to want to contact your state legislators and insurance commissioner to make sure bad laws don’t come to Arizona. The AKC offers tips and help for how to combat such issues as insurance discrimination and unfair and unreasonable dog legislation such as mandatory spay/neuter and breed bans.



For several years, public awareness about the number of dogs in shelters, and public concern over a handful of much-publicized dog attacks, have driven a number of regulatory and legislative responses. Some have been reasonable. Others, not at all. Unfortunately, surrounding hype and hysteria make it hard to know what’s true and what isn’t; what works and what doesn’t; and who the good guys are. We’re not here to write the Dog Law Bible, but we can point you in the direction of reliable resources to help you wade through the fog of PETA/HSUS propaganda and formulate a well-reasoned plan of action.

Breed Ban Laws. Despite the lack of any credible bite statistics anywhere, despite the CDC’s own advisory NOT to take its own limited, outdated study as basis for policy making, and despite the opposition of the experts–including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Kennel Club, and numerous interest groups–breed-specific laws and regulations deem all dogs of certain breeds to be “dangerous.” Rather than being dog-specific and based on the documented behavior of an individual dog, these laws unfairly target whole breeds. The most horrific example is a Denver, CO ban on pit bulls. Read it and learn what can happen when a misinformed public becomes a mob.

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws. Marketed as a way to control dog populations, these laws actually target responsible breeders by imposing mandatory alternation requirements and onerous penalties. The result is that even responsible breeders are motivated to “hide” dogs from local authorities. When that happens, revenues for decent animal control, as well as rabies vaccination rates, plummet. Meanwhile, irresponsible breeders go on doing what they’ve always done: breed irresponsibly.