You’re not just getting a dog. You’re getting a lifestyle!

When the chances are good that your Doberman is at least as smart as your kid, you know you’re going to need an owner’s manual.

Well, OK, so we exaggerate.  A little.  But ask any Doberman owner if, ahem, changes were made when the Dobie arrived. You’ll get a grin and a big “Oh yes!” You’ll be getting a comedian, a trickster, and a Lamborghini; a guardian, a pace-setter, and a bed hog; a shadow, a car alarm; a bug snapper; an acrobat, a lap rug, and the best dog you’ve ever had. So maybe not all Dobermans fit that description exactly, but it’s accurate enough that we don’t mind posting it here. One thing’s for sure: You’ll learn as you get to know other Dobe owners that Dobies have a lot in common.

We’ve pulled together some resources to help you get acquainted with your Dobermans and get the most from your relationship. See About the Breed for overview resources;  Health for things to know and places to go for more information about Doberman health; Training, written by Behaviorist/Trainer Cat Reames, for tips on how to communicate effectively with your guy or gal; and News for important legislative and regulatory updates as well as interesting stories about your breed.