All reputable rescues have standard intake and placement procedures. We are no exception.

Our Doberman intake process has one goal: We want Desert Harbor Doberman Pinschers to be terrific family companions, reflect well on the breed, and provide their families with a lifetime of love. Our placement process aims to provide that same quality of life for our dogs. We start by doing all we can reasonably do to select fundamentally sound dogs. For example, we first work closely with shelter staff and owner surrenderers to obtain histories, medical records, and behavior/temperament assessments. We refuse dogs with a known aggressive bite history and dogs known to have a severe and incurable disorder such as a progressive neurological disease. Next, we provide all our dogs with an extensive medical intake exam, and finally, we put them in foster homes to observe their behavior, temperament, and habits, and to provide as much remedial care as we can.

Our careful placement procedure exists to ensure that the people who adopt from us truly ¬†are qualified, committed, and capable Doberman adopters. After all, any dog in rescue has already been through more than enough upset. The last thing we want is more of same. Therefore, our objective is to find each dog a loving, safe, and secure foreverhome that is well suited to its unique disposition, habits, and needs. To achieve that objective, we ask our adopters to participate actively in the process, and for an honest, frank, and candid representation of their expectations, wishes, limitations, and lifestyle. Not quite sure you’re ready to adopt? Tell us. We’ll be here when you’re ready. Want a young male? Say so. We’ll talk. Not sure if a Doberman is right for you? Let us help you decide.

For more about how we do things, please explore this website. See especially The Process, Do I Qualify, and Apply, and the section called About Us. As always, please contact us if you have questions.