For every dog that’s rescued, ten others will die. We strive to ensure that the dogs we save are fundamentally¬†sound, stable, and loving Dobermans worth that sacrifice.


DHDR was founded on January 6, 2009. Our mission is (1) to rescue placeable purebred Doberman Pinschers in Arizona, evaluate and treat them, and place them in suitable, qualified, and loving forever homes, and (2) to educate the public about our breed and about living with a Doberman.

Our first priority is to save fundamentally sound dogs who are at high risk of death or abuse, dogs on shelter “kill” lists, strays, and foundlings in accordance with applicable laws. After exploring all other options to keep them in their present homes, and when our resources permit, our second priority is to save owner-surrendered purebred Dobermans from being sent to a shelter or destroyed.

Because we do not euthanize healthy or treatable animals, we are considered a no-kill rescue. We reserve euthanasia only for dogs who, in the judgment of our veterinarians, cannot be cured of a severe physical or temperamental disorder, or whose quality of life is permanently and severely compromised by the ravages of old age.


For more, see About Us, Who We Are, and The Process.