Welcome! If you’re interested in adopting an Arizona Doberman, you’ve come to the right place!

We are Arizona’s first and only 501(c)(3) IRS-certified charity Doberman rescue. Incorporated in Arizona, we are a no-kill rescue committed to forever placements, and do our best to make sure the DHDR dog you take home is suited to your lifestyle. Every DHDR dog is evaluated for temperament and behavior, and given a thorough veterinary examination at intake. Then, each dog goes to a foster home where we learn more about its habits and personality in a real family setting, and help with basic obedience training.

We do our best to showcase the joys and diversity of rescued Dobermans. Our terrific photographs and videos here and on our Facebook page help to bring these dogs to life.  Enjoy our sites and visit us often.

For more information, please browse our website and see About Us and Our Mission. If you’re interested, How it Works explains how dogs come into rescue.  The Process explains the procedures we use to find qualified forever homes, and  Do I Qualify? tells you some of the things we look for in adopters.  For our adoption application, see our application page.

If  you have questions or need more information, just contact us. Let us help you find your Doberman!

Do you have to give up a Dobie?

If you have a Doberman you must surrender, please contact us. We understand the pain and anquish of surrendering a Dobie.  We know it’s a tough decision, and we will work with you confidentially and with compassion. If our financial and space resources permit, we will help you if we can.

Whatever you do, don’t advertise your dog on the classifieds. Unscrupulous people–men, women, families, teens–look for Dobies to use as bait in dog fighting. When you’ve never placed a dog before, and you’re in the midst of a terribly emotional decision, you’re probably not ideally qualified to evaluate potential adopters.

On the other hand, we exist to find high-quality homes for Dobermans. Our detailed qualifying process is designed to rule out bad people.  We know what we’re doing. Not everyone does. If you want the best for your Dobie, let us help. We start from the assumption that you want the best for your dog, and work with you for that result.



It’s been a ticky year in Phoenix. Make sure to inspect your dog regularly–including the inside of the ears and between the toes–especially if you don’t use a preventive such as Frontline. If you do use a preventive, be sure it’s not the collar type. Ticks have to actually crawl under them to be affected. As always, our comments are not intended to replace professional direction. Talk with your vet about what’s best for your dog.

Tip for Birthdays

Thinking of getting a puppy or dog as a present for someone special? Think again. Puppies grow into dogs and dogs are a lifetime commitment. Unlike the wrong-size sweater, they can’t be returned. Please, let your friend in on the plan. Make sure she or he REALLY WANTS a dog, REALLY WANTS that breed, and REALLY COMMITS to keeping it for life. Make sure the will, the intention, the knowledge, and the finances are in place before you take that step.


Think rescue doesn’t matter? Colbert wants you to think again.



You have a right to a Doberman. Some powerful people disagree.
Learn how to fight back.

For at least 20 years,one major force has hammered city, state, and now national lawmakers to restrict or ban dog ownership. Under the guise of fighting animal abuse and shelter over-crowding, the wealthy and powerful PETA/HSUS lobby seems intent on passing mandatory spay/neuter laws, banning entirely or harshly restricting certain breeds, sharply restricting even legitimate breeders, encouraging property insurance discrimination, and even preventing US troops on military bases from living with dogs of certain breeds. As a Doberman owner, you really have to know what’s going on to protect your family’s right to have a Doberman.

Please, boot up and keep up with Arizona and national dog-related news. It’s only a matter of time until PETA and HUS come to Arizona.

Work with DHDR to educate your legislators, neighbors, and friends about your breed. Our new brochure, “Not Your Grandfather’s Doberman,” profiles the breed in photos and text, describes its attributes, and encourages support for rescue. To obtain copies for use in your education outreach as a responsible Doberman owner, contact us.